Why an Aluminum PACE SETTER?
You’ve come to the end of your search.  The K & O Pace Setter aluminum trailer is so different from other trailers you’ve looked at that I’m not sure where to begin.  Let us start at the most important part of your trailer, the main frame.  A Pace Setter is the only trailer using a 2”x9” all aluminum extrusion.  The main part of this extrusion is vertical where horses tend to paw and dent other trailers.  Even more important is the support foot of the specially designed extrusion.  There is a 2” long 1/4” thick lip that supports our I beam on each side eliminating any worry of floor support failure.  This specially designed structural support offers you not only unparalleled strength in regards to trailer twisting but also provides us with a foundation to weld our I beams to that will never fatigue crack.  Now let us look at the floor.  The Pace Setter was one of the first companies to utilize the “Rumber”  floor.  Rumber is a recycled rubber composite that offers a 20 year warranty.  We have used this product for nearly fifteen years now with overwhelming customer satisfaction.  This completely eliminates the high cost, back breaking labor, and aluminum floor deterioration associated with rubber mats.
Working up the sides of your new Pace Setter you will see structural tongue and Groove side extrusions especially designed for additional strength.  This extrusion has a (unique to K & O only) design that has may corners for strength yet has an ample flat area for long penetrating welds.
Topping off a Pace Setter is the thickest roof in the industry.  A full .065 is nearly twice the thickness of most of the other trailers on the market today.  This already strong roof is wrapped tightly around our roof bows and welded directly to the bows and the side of the trailer.  All other trailer companies  weld only the roof bows very lightly on each side and caulk and pop rivet the thin main portion of the roof on.
Why do we choose to use such heavy components in our trailers instead of cutting back on everything to give you a super econo-model?  We recently had a Pace Setter involved in a double rollover.  The towing vehicle was a total loss.  The 3 horse Pace Setter gooseneck needed 2 roof bows and some fender repair.  The horse suffered a small cut on his leg and was completely content to eat grass until the emergency  vehicles arrived. The driver, horse and repaired Pace Setter are all doing just fine.  We like happy endings to true stories.  We cannot guarantee that all stories will end this well, however, if you are trailering your valuable contents in a Pace Setter you can feel good that in addition to pulling an easy pulling, eye catching trailer, your animals are traveling in the strongest, safest trailer on the road today!
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